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Potable Water

Safe and tested potable water. We offer potable city water from Grande Prairie’s water purveyor Aquatera.      

Water bottles

Convenient drinking water solutions. We offer 24 bottle flats and 20 litre jugs of pure filtered drinking water.

Pure Water

Whether filling a pool, steam boilers or icing down your rink, we have your clean water needs covered.

Rig Water

From mud tanks to 400’s, We’ve got all of your rig water needs covered.

Vac Trucks

Rigs to residential. Mud tanks and land spreads to septic and TDG. A Vac for every need.


Potable water storage, with storage capacities between 5 and 60 cubes.

about us

we're High Gear Water Hauling

High Gear Water Hauling offers a diverse range of services, specializing in efficient water hauling and comprehensive vac truck solutions. Our commitment to reliability and excellence ensures top-quality service for all your water management and environmental needs.

Jamey Morgan

local service

We are deeply rooted in the Grande Prairie community, with 25 years of local experience under our belt. Our team not only works here but also calls this area home, giving us a unique understanding and commitment to the region's specific needs.

24/7 Dispatch

Whether you need urgent assistance at 2:30 AM for lost circulation or planning a cistern fill for tomorrow afternoon, don't hesitate to call us. We're here for you 24/7, with dedicated staff always ready to respond to your needs.

Quick Timelines

With our daily scheduled routes across the Peace Region, we're typically able to accommodate your needs with same or next-day delivery. For emergency situations, we prioritize your call and collaborate with industry partners if necessary, ensuring you receive immediate service.

Safest Delivery

We hold a COR Certification and actively engage with Complyworks, ISNetworld, and Avetta, showcasing our commitment to exceptional safety standards. Our aim goes beyond just following best practices; we strive to be the benchmark for safety in our industry.


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    Our mission

    High Gear strives to be a leader in water & vac services to the oil and gas Industry. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our customers by adapting to their needs and providing superior service for fair value.

    Our Vision

    We pride ourselves on consistently delivering superior service, and always going above and beyond. This is achieved by understanding our customers and their needs, and fostering a workplace environment that is fair, respectful, and enjoyable, ensuring our employees are fully engaged. 'We're On It!'

    Accomplishing our goals

    At High Gear, being a leader means setting the highest standards in the water and vac truck service industry. It encompasses our dedication to delivering outstanding quality, utilizing the latest technology, and constantly innovating our services to meet the dynamic needs of the oil and gas industry.

    We achieve this by actively listening to our customers and understanding their unique needs. We also prioritize transparent communication, reliability, and offering fair value in our services, which fosters trust and enduring partnerships with our clients.

    We believe that a fair, respectful, and enjoyable workplace is key to engaging our team. This means creating an environment where our employees feel valued, heard, and motivated. By investing in our team's well-being and professional growth, we ensure that they are equipped and enthusiastic to deliver the superior service that High Gear is known for. Our motto, 'We're On It!', is a reflection of our team's readiness and dedication to excellence.