High Gear HSE Coordinator

Amanda Galitzine

Amanda Galitzine: A Journey of Dedication and Impact
Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Amanda Galitzine's path to becoming a safety professional was ignited 16 years ago at Vantage Safety, a local safety rental and supply company. Initially starting in an administrative role, Amanda's zeal and competence quickly propelled her into a technical position, working hands-on with the company's equipment. Her rapid acquisition of qualifications and certifications led her to oversee Vantage Safety's entire fleet of rental gear, including supplied air and gas monitoring equipment. Amanda's expertise spans across top safety brands like Scott, MSA, BW, and Gas Clip, among others.

After honing her skills and expertise in the field, Amanda transitioned into the role of HSE Coordinator, a position where she truly found her calling. "I love safety because it's like a living entity. It is always changing and evolving, and I love getting to be part of that," Amanda reflects. Fast forward to the present, and Amanda has been the guiding force behind High Gear Water Hauling's safety program for over seven years.

As our HSE Coordinator, Amanda's role is multifaceted. Her contributions range from developing comprehensive policies and procedures that align with our company's values and vision, to leading our safety meetings. One of her significant achievements is the substantial expansion of our safety manual, which grew from a modest 216 pages to an extensive 350 pages under her stewardship. This manual now thoroughly encapsulates the safety protocols reflective of High Gear Water Hauling’s ethos. Her diligent work is pivotal in maintaining our COR designation, with each year witnessing an improvement in our overall safety scoring.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda faced unprecedented challenges head-on. Tasked with navigating uncharted territory, she says, "I had to create policies and procedures for things that had never existed in the realm of health and safety before. There was no guidance for anyone, and it was a very difficult time." Despite these obstacles, Amanda's resilience shone through as she developed crucial policies, training, and workplace best practices, ensuring our staff could continue their jobs safely.

Building and nurturing a safety culture within High Gear has been another ongoing challenge for Amanda. She works tirelessly to ensure that everyone in the organization values safety and understands that the safety program is a collective responsibility. "Usually in time, I can help them see the importance of their individual thoughts and opinions. I need their unique perspectives to tackle the challenges they face, and the safety program thrives on their participation," Amanda notes.

Amanda's commitment goes beyond policies and procedures; "It's very much about the human connection. Our workers aren't just numbers to me. I know each of them and genuinely care for their safety and well-being. Every day they return home safely is a victory," she shares. Looking to the future, Amanda is pursuing further training and considering a CTSP designation to enhance her ability to support her team even more effectively.

Amanda's journey and accomplishments offer valuable lessons for those looking to venture into the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) field, particularly women. When asked about her advice for aspiring HSE professionals, Amanda emphasizes the power of networking and connection. "My best advice is to network and connect with people. I've been fortunate to have amazing safety mentors, both men and women, who are always ready to help," she shares. Amanda points out the unique collaborative spirit of the safety industry, where sharing knowledge and extending professional skills is the norm. "It's a cohesive industry where everyone's success is celebrated," she adds. Amanda advises finding a company with strong management support for their safety program, as it significantly enhances the chances of success and fulfillment in this field.

Looking towards the future, Amanda holds a vision for increased representation and empowerment of women in safety roles, especially in transportation and health and safety sectors. Despite the fields being traditionally male-dominated, Amanda is optimistic about the changing landscape. "More women are stepping into these roles, and it's crucial to break the misconception that they won't be supported or taken seriously,"

Amanda's experience at High Gear is a testament to a progressive work environment where her voice is not only heard but valued. "When I speak, my male counterparts listen and support my ideas, helping implement change," she says. This support has been a cornerstone of her success, and she envisions a future where this is the norm for all women in the industry. Her encouragement to women is clear: "Don't be intimidated. If you're passionate about safety, go for it. Your voice and contributions are vital."

Amanda Galitzine's journey in the world of Health, Safety, and Environment is not just a tale of personal success; it's a beacon of hope and inspiration for women aspiring to make their mark in this field. Her dedication, expertise, and vision for a more inclusive and supportive industry landscape pave the way for future generations of women in safety roles. At High Gear, we're not just celebrating Amanda; we're recognizing the path she's helping to forge for women in safety, proving every day that dedication, skill, and passion can create a safer, more inclusive world for everyone.