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High Gear Office Administrator

Dixie Husereau

Dixie Husereau: The Backbone of High Gear Water Hauling's Operations
Dixie’s professional journey is as diverse as it is inspiring. Starting with a degree in Physical Education and moving through various roles that spanned supporting disabled adults, managing bookkeeping for a family welding business, and diving into the trucking industry, she has shown adaptability and a commitment to growth. With various roles under her belt, it was the trucking world that resonated most with Dixie. Her career in logistics started in 1998 accepting a call for help from a friend at HL Powell Trucking in Peace River.

In 1999, Dixie Husereau and her family returned to Grande Prairie, where she resumed her career at HL Powell. It was here, under the wing of an insightful mentor, that she mastered the essentials of full-cycle accounting. This guidance was instrumental in her career trajectory, leading her to join Panda Tank & Vac, which was later rebranded as Majestic Oilfield. During her tenure of 14 years with the company, Dixie's role evolved significantly—from starting out as a receptionist to advancing to a controller position. In this capacity, she managed a diverse team and fleet, overseeing nearly 100 employees and trucks across various branches in Alberta and BC, demonstrating her substantial growth and versatility in office administration.

The economic downturn of 2015 led to significant changes for many, including Dixie. Majestic, the company where she had grown professionally, was taken over by Cascade, resulting in the discontinuation of her role. Unfazed by this setback, Dixie demonstrated remarkable adaptability by venturing into the retail sector. She joined Brogan Safety, taking on the role of bookkeeper. Transitioning from over fifteen years in trucking and oilfield services to navigating the challenges of safety equipment sales represented a significant shift. Yet, Dixie embraced this new chapter with her characteristic resilience, quickly establishing her presence and making a positive impact in another industry.

Despite thriving at Brogan, Dixie found herself longing for the trucking industry. In 2020, she seized an opportunity to join High Gear, where she quickly became a key figure within our management team. At High Gear, Dixie oversees an extensive array of accounting duties, including invoicing and payroll, executing each task with exceptional attention to detail and a forward-thinking mindset. Notably, her initiative to set up direct deposit for vendors and employees exemplifies her commitment to streamlining our financial operations. Beyond these tasks, Dixie plays a crucial role in spearheading innovation projects, further solidifying her status as an invaluable asset to High Gear.

The challenges of Dixie’s role are many, from keeping track of the myriad details that come with each day, to adapting to the evolving needs of our growing company. Yet, she meets these challenges with grace and a reliance on her organizational skills. This was particularly evident during the challenging times of COVID-19, where Dixie’s resilience and adaptability were crucial in navigating through uncertainty, all while ensuring that High Gear’s core values of equity and transparency remained at the forefront.

Dixie's wealth of experience has not only shaped her into a versatile and resilient office administrator but also positions her as a mentor and advocate for those entering the field. Her advice to aspiring office administrators underscores the importance of continual learning and openness to change. "Be willing to teach others your job, and always be ready to grow and learn," Dixie advises. Emphasizing honesty and transparency, she encourages newcomers to own their mistakes, learn from them, and move forward, reminding them never to hesitate in seeking guidance.

Moreover, Dixie is a staunch supporter of women in administrative roles, celebrating the shift in industry perceptions and practices. "Our management team doesn't hesitate to hire women drivers, breaking the traditional confines that limited women to office settings," she notes with pride. Working closely with team members across all departments, Dixie exemplifies the power of diversity in driving company success. Her collaboration with Amanda, our HSE Coordinator, and other women in the field, highlights the changing landscape of administrative and operational roles within the trucking industry and beyond.

As Dixie looks to the future at High Gear, her goals are clear: to support the company's growth while fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. Her journey from the classrooms of physical education to the forefront of office administration in the trucking world is a testament to her adaptability, integrity, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Dixie Husereau's story is not just one of personal achievement, but a beacon for aspiring professionals, especially women, looking to make their mark in traditionally male-dominated fields.