High Gear has multiple digital forms for our drivers. View the links to submit your forms.


When your truck or equipment needs maintenance or repairs, please use this form:
Maintenance Request Form

When you spot an hazard or witness a near miss, please submit a blue card form here:
Blue Card

When you need to request time off and or vacation pay, please fill out the vacation request form:
Vacation Requests

If you have any suggestions you'd like to make about the company in any fashion, please submit them here. All submissions are completely anonymous.


Road Bans

Currently as of May 9, 2024 we are facing multiple road bans. See further details here.

Area Specific Information

As of last update 5/9/24, there are still FULL BANS for all heavy traffic on multiple Canfor roads.

View their website here:
Canfor Road Ban Page

As of last update 5/9/24, the majority of Weyerhaeuser Roads have a 50% restriction.

View their Website here:
Weyerhaeuser Road Ban Page

As of last update 5/9/24, all gravel roads no longer have bans. Gravel roads have returned to 100 per cent axle weight loading, 24 hours a day, unless otherwise posted.

View their website here:
County of Grande Prairie Road Ban Page

As of last update 4/19/24, all gravel roads will be at 75% axle weight 24 hours/day until further notice..

View their website here:
MD of Greenview Road Ban Page