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Potable Water Services at High Gear Contracting: Quality and Versatility

At High Gear Contracting, we specialize in providing top-tier potable water services, designed to meet a diverse range of needs with efficiency and reliability. Our comprehensive services are catered to a variety of clients, including industry camps, acreage owners, residential pools, and community skating rinks, ensuring that every water requirement is met with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Fleet Diversity for Tailored Solutions

Our fleet, featuring Super B’s, truck and pups, and body jobs ranging from 14 to 40 cubic meters, is equipped to handle any potable water delivery task, no matter the scale. The versatility of our fleet allows us to provide customized solutions, ensuring that whether you are a large industrial camp or a private acreage owner, your specific water needs are efficiently addressed.

Industry Camps: For remote industry camps, we understand the critical importance of a dependable water supply. Our Super B’s are perfectly suited for delivering large volumes of potable water, ensuring that your camp operations run smoothly without interruption.

Acreage Owners: We extend our services to acreage owners, providing them with the ease and convenience of having fresh, potable water delivered directly to their properties. Our smaller trucks are ideal for navigating rural areas, ensuring timely and reliable water delivery.

Pools and Skating Rinks: Summer or winter, our services cater to the recreational needs of communities. From filling up swimming pools to ensuring that local skating rinks have the quality water they need for ice making, High Gear Contracting is the go-to provider for recreational water needs.

Quality and Safety Assurance

We place immense importance on the quality and safety of the water we deliver. Our potable water is sourced from trusted suppliers like Aquatera, ensuring that every drop we deliver is safe, clean, and meets all health and safety standards. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our rigorous testing and maintenance protocols, ensuring that our water is not just potable, but of the highest quality.

Responsive and Reliable Service

At High Gear Contracting, we’re known for our responsive and reliable service. We understand the urgency of water needs, and our team is committed to providing prompt and efficient delivery. Our operations are streamlined to ensure quick response times, and our experienced drivers and staff work diligently to guarantee that your water is delivered on time, every time.

We’re On It!

‘We’re On It!’ is not just our tagline; it’s our promise to you. When it comes to potable water services, High Gear Contracting is dedicated to delivering excellence. Whether you’re an industrial camp in need of a substantial water supply, an acreage owner looking for a dependable water source, or a community facility requiring water for recreational purposes, we have the solution for you.

For more information about our potable water services, or to schedule a delivery, please contact us. We are here to ensure that your water needs are met with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.


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